• Guess That Groove
  • Famous Fathers Trivia
  • Move It Like This
  • Roll for a Record
  • Kung Fu Pinata
  • Ready For Take-Off

Inning Break Skit Graphics

Designed using Adobe CC Illustrator and Photoshop.

One of the hallmarks of Dayton Dragons games are the family-friendly skits that take place during each inning break. These skits, which involve fans of all ages, provide great entertainment for both those who participate and those who watch. Each season, additional skits are developed and deployed. There are several hundred total.

These graphics introudce each inning break’s skit; each is designed to tell a story about the upcoming skit without revealing too much, as many skits contain a prank. Because they are used by tech crew in a video setting, they must follow video safe conventions and principles in addition to general design principles.

  • Dayton Dragons
  • March 2014 - July 2015