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First Street Party Tent Logo

Designed using Adobe Illustrator CC.

Nationals Park had a variety of hospitality areas, many used by both the sales team and ballpark enterprises team. Each has a unique personality and size, allowing perspective group events to have a space tailored to their specific needs.

While several of these areas had an established logo, we decided to create identities for the ones that did not leading into the 2018 season. Because the sales team begins taking deposits on these areas soon after Postseason ends, the organization’s brand campaign for the next season was still a long ways from finalized. This mark needed to be neutral enough that it would compliment the old campaign and the yet-to-be-determined new campaign, but still contain the Nationals personality that is part of every campaign.

The First Street Party Tent area is one used by sales and ballpark enterprises, so there were additional stakeholders involved for the approval process. Despite the various challenges, I love how the final piece turned out.

  • Washington Nationals
  • December 2017