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Dragons Drumline Campaign

Designed using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign CC.

The Dayton Dragons are dedicated to providing family-friendly entertainment; in the 2014 season, the Dragons Drumline was created and added to the line-up of fun activities at Fifth Third Field. During my time at the Dragons, I designed the Drumline’s logo mark and established the group’s brand standards across a variety of projects. In February 2015, I also photographed the official Dragons Drumline Signing Day for the 2015 season.

The Mark:  While the colors used for the mark did not need to match the official Dragons colors, they did need to fit with the brand as a whole. It needed to work not only in traditional design mediums, but also for video and the stadium’s various in-game boards. The typeface used for “drumline” is a custom one I designed specifically for the piece. After spending a great deal of time searching–but not finding–a typeface that fits the piece, it was decided the best direction to move forward with was designing it myself. The italic face was an interesting element that added an additional challenge to creating it and presented new learning opportunities I that appreciated greatly.

The Poster:  I was asked to design a poster that could be used to advertise for the following season’s clinical auditions (Exact date was TBD). It needed to fit with the brand standards for the Dayton Dragons, while providing the opportunity to set the tone for the how the Dragons Drumline would be branded. Most importantly, it needed to appeal to high school drummers–primarily male–and make them want to be part of the Dragons family.

The Game Day Pass:  As a follow-up to my 2014 internship with them, I was asked to design the game passes to be used by Drumline members. While the creative team always designs the passes for front office and game day staff, the Entertainment department decided they wanted a different pass for the Drumline that would better communicate their branding direction. Additionally, by customizing a pass for the Drumline, which is composed of mostly high school males, it better ensured they would actually carry the pass with them.

  • Dayton Dragons Professional Baseball Team
  • June 2014 - February 2015