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Code of Ethics

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The Assignment: As the final project in my Media Ethics class, I created a personal code of ethics, which contains six core values, each of which is accompanied by a short, descriptive paragraph. These values and definitions went through multiple rounds of critique by professionals working in the broadcasting and graphic design industries. My professor asked for the final version of the code to be presented in a creative form, and I opted to create a short booklet.

The Values: The six values I highlighted in my code were chosen specifically to apply to a position in the live sports industry. However, at the same time, I strived to make them flexible enough to be applicable in whatever direction my career goes. Each of the values are equally important, and are therefore listed in alphabetical order.

  • Bias: I will not allow my work to show bias for or against those whom I interact with in my job capacities, but will demonstrate fairness on all occasions.
  • Integrity: I will do the right thing, even when no one is watching or, while being the best option for my employer, it is not eh best option for my personal gain.
  • Maturity: I will act with maturity in my positions, realizing that some situations will lend themselves to a relaxed attitude, but the majority will require a serious attitude regarding the work at hand. Knowing the difference between these two, coupled with knowing how to behave in each respectfully, is an important aspect of maturity.
  • Responsibility: I will be responsible in my actions regarding other’s property and personhood. Because I am human, I will undoubtedly fail in this at times, at which point I will take full responsibility for the consequences thereof.
  • Trustworthy: I will operate within my work position with discretion, ensuring to maintain sensitive information I learn remains confidential only to those who, within the company, are supposed to know.
  • Class Project
  • December 2014