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Cedarville Graphic Design Activity Booklet

Design themed activity booklet completed using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop CS6.

The Assignment: Cedarville’s graphic design program is currently in the process of going through a rebrand. The Production Design One class was divided into three groups with each group responsible for a different aspect of the rebranding process. My group’s task was to create a design-orientated activity booklet that could be sent to prospective students; each team member was responsible for creating four activities completely unique from the others’ activities.

The Typography Emphasis: Because of my love of typography, I wanted to include type activities. In our Typography course, my two favorite topics covered were learning about the different classifications of type and the elements of type, so I crafted activities to teach these skills. I wanted to provide a learning opportunity for prospective students in the form of an activity they would (hopefully) enjoy as well.

  • Class Project
  • November 2013