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2016 Spring Training Program

The Tampa Bay Rays marketing department put together a short program to be used at spring training games hosted at the Charlotte Sports Park. While not as in-depth as the traditional programs made available as in-season games, it is built upon the same concept. Sponsors are allowed to place ads, the always-important score card is included, and a few articles written by MLB writers. This year’s program featured two articles; written by Hal Bodley, the first discussed Rays manager Kevin Cash, the youngest manager in major league baseball. Cash joined the Rays in 2015 and while the Rays did not go to the playoffs, they did have a good season under him. The second was written by Bill Chastain and highlighted notable players the Rays traded for in the off-season. Each player was given a brief bio that details his strengths, his weaknesses, and his stats.

I was asked to design both of these articles and while they were certainly not my first layout, the brought new design challenges that I had not previously encountered. Because they were not written by our in-house writers, nor where we working directly with the original authors, I had to stick to the exact copy provided. The Cash article was written in a style and with a vocabulary that does not easily translate to a three-column layout without causing type crimes. Meanwhile in the second article, the bios for the players greatly varied length. Despite these challenges, the designed turned out well and have been read by thousands of fans.

  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • February 2016