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Five years ago, I took an architecture course where the prof taught us to not view buildings as structures but as shaping of space. The notion intrigued me and stuck with me. Three years ago, my typography professor taught me to also view letters as the shaping of space.

Immediately, I was hooked.

Ever since, I have drawn my own letters, dreamed of designing my own fonts, and contemplated going to grad school for typeface design. When possible, I incorporate custom work into my designs, as visible in my Dragons Drumline logo and Nothing More Artistic silk screen poster. Self-taught, I use Instagram for inspiration, read a few key books for help, experiment with different mediums, and mostly make it up as I go along.

My friend Alex Jones (portfolio, Instagram, LinkedIn) decided to start the #365DaysOfLettering project this summer. It is exactly what it sounds like: Every day for a year, he does one lettering piece. Graciously, Alex let me join the fun. While he has been working in a digital format, I have stuck with analog so far. For me, the goal is not to spend 365 consecutive days spitting out portfolio-ready pieces. Um, who has time for that? Instead, this is an expirement in trying new things so I can better learn the craft of typography. Not everyday is an awesome design, but every day includes learning or trying something new.

You can find my pieces* on my Instagram.
*Warning: There is a semi-abundance of designs about baseball and my loathing of rain delays.