Cotton Bureau: Make America Safe Again

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For a long time, I have been a fan of Cotton Bureau; they always have great designs and are an accessible platform for designers to have their work produced. It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce Cotton Bureau has opted to print one of my designs. Here is the story behind it:

Since the election, I have struggled to find words that properly convey the multitude of emotions I have felt. It has been a roller coaster of shock and anger and sorry. I have so many friends who may lose their civil liberties, and I have felt hopeless. Over the weekend, I finally turned to what I know best: Visual communication.

In the aftermath of Brexit, UK citizens used safety pins as a symbol of their protest against eh political climate of the time; it marked them as safe individuals who were willing to stand up and speak out when they witnessed xenophobia and racism.

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s presidential election, US citizens have adopted the safety pin as well. Wearers use it to mark themselves as someone who believes that all people should be granted the same civil liberties—no matter their race, nationality, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. It is a simply, everyday object, generally of little-to-no consequence, but it has transformed into the emblem of a movement.

While I could have used the design’s colors to raise awareness for a specific marginalized group, it was not my goal to single out select individuals. I wanted to united, not divide. IN the midst of our vast differences, what unities US citizens is the country we live in, even when we disagree with the direction it takes. I realized I wanted these safety pins to communicate that the wearer works for a better US as a whole—by using the colors of our flag with the symbolic placement over the heart—while also paying tribute to our friends across the pond.

Let’s make America safe again.

This design is available on as a dark heather grey tee, a bondi blue tee (my personal favorite!), and tri-grey zip-up hoodie. Only available until November 29th, US orders will ship in time to arrive by Christmas. You can purchase one here.


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