Something Old, Something New

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Classes resumed at Cedarville on Tuesday and are already into the full-swing of the semester. Profs are teaching, homework is already due, and my 3D design prof was crazy enough to give me a utility knife (Some well-intending people would tell you I am a klutz and should not be handed sharp objects).

The two things I am most excited for this semester are helping out with sports practicum and being in the chapel practicum. While I am not technically enrolled in the sports practicum, the prof in charge of it asked if I would be willing to help out this semester with the promise of learning to run replay dangling in front of me like a carrot. Odds of me saying no? Zero.

Spring semester, we only shoot the men’s and women’s basketball games, so we should be wrapping up in February. For the basketball games last semester, I only ever ran our hero camera; I was good at it, and the prof wanted me to keep doing it as a result. This semester, however, besides being in the press box to learn the video booth side of things, I am ready to get experience on the other camera positions. Tonight, I ran one of our handheld cams under one of the baskets (primarily used for free-throws, rebounds, and replays of shots made on that end of the court). It was one of the most relaxing and stretching experiences I have had in a while (Yes, I just said “relaxing” after coming off of Christmas break).

Cedarville prides itself on having chapel five days a week. Chapel is as much of a part of Cedarville’s culture as the less-than-awesome food in the cafeteria. It is also one of the first places most broadcasting majors get experience running camera for a live production setting. There are two levels of the practicum, loosely divided: Running camera on the chapel floor and the video booth learning to direct, TD, and shade. With a few rare exceptions, students do the chapel floor for a semester or two before moving to the video booth.

Last summer, I was trained on the chapel camera equipment, TDed for the first time in my life, and learned how to use our shader panel. Fall semester was spent on sports practicum and spending enough time subbing for cam ops on the chapel floor crew that I could probably receive practicum credit for it. My adviser wanted me to skip over the chapel floor and go straight to the booth this semester which our producer eventually agreed to.

I have spent this week’s morning and evening chapels (Spring Missions Conference means three evening chapels this week) observing our director and asking questions. Next week, she will TD and I get to direct. The prospect of me directing in four short days is… intimidating. That being said, I have spent the last two and a half semesters closely observing the various directors who have worked in the video booth. At this point, I need to start directing to learn more. Some things in life must be experienced to be understood.

This will be a big semester (19 credit hours–what was I thinking?! Oh, yeah, graduating…), but I am ready and excited. Some old things, some new things, but mostly all good things. Best of all, they are things I love.

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