Nine Years Unnoticed

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There is something intriguing about spending Black Friday afternoon, camera in hand, walking through the streets of a small town in rural Ohio. (There is also something cold, if you were a fool, like myself, and decided a hat was optional–wrong!)

As part of the final project for my typography class, I am supposed to spend the semester collecting examples of good typography. I am allowed to use the internet, but approximately 20% of my examples need to be photos I take myself. Because I do not have a car at school–and Cedarville is semi- in the middle of nowhere–I blocked out some time from my Thanksgiving break to explore.

My family has spent the past nine years living in a small town in Amish country Ohio. It tends to be a quite little town (Not today–our football team is going to the state semifinals). So close to my town that you do not know when you cross into it, is another small, though slightly larger, town. Note: They are our school rival.

Friday afternoon, my point-and-shoot and I went exploring the downtown areas of both. I realized something interesting: Even though I spent a lot of time in high school in both areas, I had never truly observed them. During my adventure, I found many shops, allies, and park benches which I had never noticed before. For the first time in my life, I climbed the steps of the county courthouse and viewed the world from that angle. Prior to yesterday, I considered myself a good observer of the world around me. People would compliment me on my observation skills and the details I picked up on that they missed. Now, I am reconsidering.

As an artist, I have the responsibility of noticing details. If I want to create a piece that is a reflection of an aspect of my world, I first need to know what my world looks like. Artists do not just create art; rather, we create a commentary on our world. Ignorance is not an excuse for not realizing what I am surrounded by–particularly when I have been surrounded for nine years. When I return to Cedarville on Monday, I plan to take a long walk through the little village. To notice some landmarks again, and to notice some for the first time. I want to be aware of my surroundings.

You can check out some of the photos I took here. (Please Note: I am in no way, shape, or form a photographer and I acknowledge this.)

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