Brain Explosion

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Some side effects of double majoring in graphic design and broadcasting (good and bad):

  • You squirm at the abundance of bad kerning in the world.
  • Words such as , “Hevetica,” “Myriad Pro,” “Hobo,” “Comic Sans,” and “Papyrus” come out of your mouth at sporadic intervals. (Or, your friends think they are sporadic intervals. But you know what you are talking about.)
  • The Super Bowl halftime show is spent counting camera angles.
  • You have very few exams during finals week, making it one of the lightest weeks of the semester.
  • The week before finals is less than fun because that is when final projects are due.
  • “Just watching a movie” is no longer possible. Rather, you meticulously examine the plot line, camera angles, cuts, wipes, CGI, and ending credits.
  • When it comes to group projects, you always get the joy of putting together the PowerPoint–and making it look good.
  • Your biggest purchase for college is not your laptop, but Adobe Master Collection, instead.
  • You find yourself wearing black. A lot.
  • Skipping class to watch a movie is sometimes acceptable.
  • Sometimes, class gets cancelled so a prof can watch a movie.
  • Lots of time is spent on the computer.
  • You are always caught up on your favorite television shows because you watch them while working on art projects.
  • Your church bulletins are always covered in doodles by the end of the message.
  • Events are not always remembered best by what happened at them, but by the funny commentary on Clear Comm.
  • Speaking of Clear Comm, you have developed a great deadpan.
  • Lecture classes are your worst nightmare.
  • Studio classes are your favorite.

…just to name a few.

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